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All badge reels are bright, fun and full of character!

Each handmade retractable badge reel is sealed with UV resin. Each acrylic piece is 2 inches tall. 
The retractable badge reel has a swivel alligator clip, and gem attached on the snap.

Interchangeable includes the acrylic ONLY, please purchase a interchangeable reel separately. This give you the opportunity to change our your badge reel to match your mood or the holiday!
Please treat this badge reel like any other piece of jewelry. It can take a lot, but if it is dropped or hit against something, it may cause damage.
Do not leave it in extreme heat/cold.
Colors may not be exactly the same due to differences in computer/phone screens.
Because these are handmade items, one will not be identical to another. This is not a flaw, but one of the endearing characteristics of handmades.

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